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Stories behind the keyboard

Today's first topic will be a story that left me the next lesson.

                                          SAVE EACH PARAGRAPH

  Yeah. It may seem like something really simple. Press a button. But it's a little harder when you have a good day of inspiration. You know. Those days when you put your head in the screen and when you lift it it is already night. In my case, when I have those days of grace I always get carried away by my emotions. So I save the work when I come back from the story.


However, we do not always count with the unexpected. We always say "Nothing will happen." Until it happens. The bucket of cold water and the black slap of reality came to penetrate the deepest of my mind. That day also took one of my most sincere regrets. That same blackness that I saw before my eyes, fiercely tattooed the teaching of "Always save." It is a bit laborious because for short moments I must cut that flow of inspiration and return to hit the little magic button.

   That day I was "on fire" writing in the library. I had ten happy pages (for me, for the characters still lacked a while). There were new scenes and small modifications that I ended up making. Next to me was a colleague also immersed in her work. Until the computer notified her to charge the battery. She reached for a plug and she found one, a table away from me. I was submerged in my text correcting some errors, a table away from her. Completely ignorant of the dark outcome.

   The girl arrived, without any bad intention, and innocently disconnected my computer to pass it to the other outlet. I still remember that moment in slow motion. Out of the corner of my eye I watched her hand approach my charger. With great care, she pulled it up and in that movement for a second I saw my life go out next to my screen. I was in shock. It took me two seconds to react and process the information of what had happened. I calmed down. I took a deep breath and turned on the computer again. I knew from experience, that in such cases I would simply go back to the way I left it before turning off. In technology teachers explained to us that the computer had a save function that was applied to power outages and therefore would restart at the point where I left it. Great was my surprise to see that my computer skipped the rules and logged in as usual. With hope throbbing in my chest I opened the text file, just so that it finally broke like a glass curtain before my teary eyes, seeing that nothing I had written all day had been saved.

   My partner very kindly stayed by my side until the PC started, remarkably distressed too. She wanted to know if she could help me. She didn't know that my computer's battery was on the technician that day. With broken hope and heart beaten by bad luck, partly also because of my forgetfulness, I drew strength from where I no longer had to answer in a low tone of voice that was fine, that I could rewrite the lost pages. I thanked her for her good intention to finally let her go and digest the empty lines better.

   Of course I recreated those parts again with the help of memory, although I still think the originals were better. I ran out of inspiration and returned to the awkward feeling of fighting with a big wall. My purpose? ... Reach the green meadow behind it. I didn't achieve it until three days later.

   And this is the end of the story. Sometimes the popular saying seems true ... "The letter with blood enters".

   Do not forget to save your work and always keep a suspicious eye on your PCs.

   Be true to yourself.

Thanks for reading and see you in the next post.

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