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    Summary: Layla, a powerful demon, and Adrian, an angel sent to save corrupt beings, are two wandering souls which only together can form a weapon powerful enough to confront their adversaries despite the fact that they ironically belong to two distinct sides in the eternal battle between good and evil. The apparition of diabolical beings that call her 'The Chosen' and the discovery of a demonic book that precedes the apocalypse forces Layla and Adrian to prepare together for the battle, to revenge past suffering, for which the demons that beset them are responsible. Far from reducing their passion the preparation for the fight accrues it to levels of non-human intensity, a passion the consummation of which is not possible. In The Princess of Ice and The Fallen Angel: Rhapsody 2, Layla and Adrian must wield the forged swords to confront one another and believe that even if one annihilates the body of the other; their love will save their souls. 


    About the author: Elena Nicoleta Busoiu was born in 1997 in Caracal, Romania. The Ice Princess and the Fallen Angel: Rhapsody Two is the continuation of the novel of the same name published in 2013. 


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