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Back to romance and fantasy. THE PRINCESS OF ICE AND THE FALLEN ANGEL: RHAPSODY 3 is here.


The author Elena Nicoleta Busoiu is here with the continuation and the end of this trilogy that already conquered the hearts of its readers. With you, THE PRINCE OF ICE AND THE FALLEN ANGEL: RHAPSODY 3 THE BATTLE OF THE END.























Cover of the Rhapsody 3. Image of the author's official website.


                        July 10, 2019


Elena Nicoleta Busoiu, author of this trilogy published her latest part of the story in July 2019, under the name of EMA PUBLISHING SERVICES, bringing back the story of Layla Bordeanu and Adrián Murray. Two lovers separated by their nature but united by their feelings in a storm of love and struggles. While the sword cries out for the enemy's blood, her heart desperately screams the name of her lover.


In this latest part of the story, the writer Elena Nicoleta Busoiu is guiding the reader through Hell itself, closely following the footsteps of the protagonist Layla Bordeanu who, in search of revenge, is not afraid to face any enemy, including Lucifer himself. With this confrontation, Hell and humanity is divided and doomed to choose one side. Among the collapse of hellish power the protagonist will find surprising allies and confessions. On the other hand, the magnitude of the conflict, far from separating the lovers, fuels the fire of their love, moreover the truth behind their natures will be revealed, uniting and legitimizing their union in a sacred bond the night before the battle of the end. The apocalypse. The final confrontation between angels and demons will take place as predicted in the demonic book. Between projectiles of war and the kiss of his beloved, Adrian, the angel chosen by the celestial troops and divine will, will illuminate until the last corner of the universe with his light and his sacred tears announcing the end.


THE PRINCESS OF ICE AND THE FALLEN ANGEL: RAPSODIA 3 hides in its pages a fundamental thesis that the author reveals exclusively for this press release. "Despite the differences that the natures of the protagonists imply, their love struggles to overcome them day by day, because there is a fundamental principle in this story that I would like to quote."


 “Love, if it is pure can save anyone [...] This is the primary principle of creation and the reason for our existence. Love us, with the same love with which God created us. ”


This last book, and the trilogy in general, is for those readers who yearn to live and love beyond human limits. With its dynamic and touching narrative seduce and completely entrap in its fantasy pages.


 “There is nothing more powerful and lethal than love. "


States the author in order to enclose the essence of her latest Rhapsody THE BATTLE OF THE END, published under the name of EMA PUBLISHING SERVICES already available in softcover with ISBN: 978-84-09-12617-0 on its website 

( and in eBook version, in Google Play Books.


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** For immediate release **

For reviews copies or interviews requests contact:

Elena Nicoleta Busoiu (+34) 698 27 75 83 

elenanicoletabusoiu (at) emapublishingservces(dot)ml

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