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Oneshot inspired on the trilogy THE PRINCESS OF ICE AND THE FALLEN ANGEL by Elena Nicoleta Busoiu

—Good morning beautiful!— The beautiful angel exclaimed happily.


—They will be for you— I managed to babble against the pillow.


—Do you want me to prepare breakfast?


—No thanks, I'm not hungry.— I hope he doesn’t ask.


—Is something wrong with you?— And here we go! Is it that I can't have a second of peace?.


—No.— Obviously my answer is sharp, he owes me one.


—Dear,— she whispers sweetly in my ear, —at this time of the morning, I'm always trying to get out of bed, but I never get it thanks to your outbursts of passion. So, I deserve an explanation ... Where are your fiery outbursts? Does my princess feel bad?


—I'm fine, you can leave.— But how can you be so cynical? I should have known from the beginning. Always your winged friends will come first. Not what I want!




   I feel him squirming between the sheets, unhappy with my answer. He stands up, takes a couple of steps around the room and returns to bed. I feel his worried look on the back of the neck, but I will not give my arm to twist. I'm always right!




—I won't leave until I get an answer. If you are upset about something I did, please tell me and I will reward you for that— your thin, melodious voice strokes my ear again, plus your breath ... Ah!I feel the desire starting to burn inside me.. Pride first of all Layla!


—No— this crazy desire in me ... Actually he is my enemy, not my beautiful angel. If I don't control it, I will lose.

—Lala, tell me, please. I don't think I've done something so serious as to deserve your contempt.— On the other hand, I forgot how easy it is to fall before her crystalline tears.


—I said I'm fine.—What a lie! But it is part of my nature. As he hugs me I tense myself more. I hope you don't realize my weakness.


—No you are not. Layla you are avoiding me. We always speak freely. We have no secrets. Yesterday everything was fine! Why does everything seem to collapse today?—No, please, don’t cry.


— You prefer those winged ones! —There is no turning back, I got up and shouted. He knows. I await your reaction.


   3 ... 2 ... 1 ... He stop hugging me and takes a seat at the edge of the bed. Something inside me breaks, but actually it doesn’t matter. It was obvious that being an angel he would prefer something with wings. But after all, I hate losing. Every time he cries because of me, I feel like my soul is whipped a thousand times in a second. But I knew what he is from the beginning. On the other hand I hear the voice of my common sense shouting at me how selfish I am. I can please him in that and also have what I want. I know what it is. My demonic part looming and trying to dominate.


—Lala ... You had never yelled at me ... Until now. Besides ... I don't know what you're talking about. Did any angel tell you anything about me? Is that the cause of your anger? —His voice is barely noticeable, he is very affected.


—I just need time. You know how I am. I can't stand losing a fight — I get out of bed with the intention of going to the bathroom and continuing a little calmer.


―Layla! Don't go wait— quickly climbs up the bed and catches my hand just in time to enter the bathroom— please, not yet. I do not understand what you are saying. Do not go! Do not leave Me! Are you ... are you looking for excuses to break this relationship?




   This is a hard blow under the waist. With no more way out to regain control of the situation ... I decide to corner him against the wall of the room and unload my frustration on his white and delicate neck, kissing him with a ravenous hunger. Yes, that hunger belongs only to the devil that has not eaten in centuries. He is my food. The object of my desire. The one who annuls my most basic survival instincts, capable of throwing myself into the jaws of the worst enemy and becoming a winner, to show him, again and again that I am the owner of his whole being . From his silky skin, the chocolate look, this long hair as dark as my own nature is. And of course his waist so special to me. He is my downfall, just watching him walk I feel crazy. The desire is ... So alive ... So damn impossible to control. He is my temple. I do not need a Satan to admire, I will only adore this creature, created in the image and likeness of God, I will admire his work until the end of time and beyond, because this angel is and will be mine forever and ever, and as a fruit from all this overwhelming passion I express it all in a kiss, I can feel him vanishing in my arms between tears and sighs of love. I feel him screwing his hands into my neck so as not to fall, while mine are still firm tightening his waist. Showing him once again, he belongs to me, there is no way to deny it. In the same way that I belong to him. Once chosen this way ... It is impossible to fight separated. It is impossible for the day to live without the night, nor is it possible that Alpha exists without Omega.




—I had a revelation last night ... In a dream ... you told me ... You said that cats were not cute and that you preferred birds. So, this will be recorded in your beautiful head, little angel. Cats are much cuter than those flying things. Also as a pet we will have a cat.




    As the words are intoned, hir beautiful eyes open and his features give way to a complete expression of amazement, while I remain calm, holding him and staring at him decidedly, a look that this time as few, is reciprocated.




―That's why!― I wish I had a decibel meter. I am sure he has just achieved an important record.


―Yes because of  that. It was logical your desire to have some feathered nearby, however, it  could not get along with the cat, in addition, felines are born hunters.


―Hahahahahahahaha.― Yes your majesty. Your wish is my command.


―Of course, it is.



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