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English fanfics by Elena Nicoleta Busoiu

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Layla Bordeanu is the type of girl who never loses, even if it's a couple fight. She tries to maintain composure in any situation. His personal motto is "pride above all." However, when her sweet angel is hurt by her own coldness Layla must face reality and her own dilemma, the situation has gone out of control. The difference between their two natures is increasingly noticeable and a possible break seems imminent if she lets things continue like this. The tears of her angel run while she is trapped in a vorragine of mixed feelings. Will her desire to win be stronger than her desire for her angel?And how did they get to this situation? Layla Bordeanu and Adrián Murray are the main characters of the trilogy THE PRINCESS OF ICE AND THE FALLEN ANGEL, first published in 2013 and finished in 2019, is Spanish version. The first English version was published for the very first time in 2014 and the second part of it in 2019.

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