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The teaser of I AM YOUR JUSTICE arrives on the website

A small teaser has been revealed by the author of THE ICE PEINCESA AND THE FALLEN ANGEL, now of I AM YOUR JUSTICE, revealing the color palette of the novel and also giving some hints in advance.

The teaser was revealed on July 7, 2022. The author anticipates that the future story will be a dramatic police novel full of action, drama and heroism, destined to accelerate the limits of the hearts of its readers, in addition to exploring in its narrative the limits of justice.


For now, she has not revealed anything more about the plot, however, judging by the sustained and determined nature of the music, readers could guess in its rhythm that a narrative full of suspense and epic outcome is coming, getting more complicated as it unfolds and submerges you in its pages in the same time that the crescendo of the song catches you.


Regarding the color palette chosen by the author, red and blue predominate, the typical colors of police turret lights, in addition we can also see colors such as pink and purple, intermediate between the predominant colors. Another thing that draws attention to her is the way she has presented them, using a thick two-color fog and neon lights to present her name and details with in-between tones.


Delving into her presentation, one could conclude that there is something else hidden behind those colors. Today, blue in a police car is used to communicate the presence of weapons, whether carried by the driver himself or generally on board the vehicle, and red to warn of an imminent emergency. Given the distance between the two colors in the visual spectrum, they create an easily distinguishable contrast. From an aesthetic point of view, it is a very daring choice as well as striking, standing out among the colors that usually surround everyday life.


If the author's intention is to attract attention, she may be on the right track, the choice is also consistent, however, and with due caution, we could move to the field of supposition in the absence of more details. The author has shown a great predilection for romance in her trilogy THE ICE PRINCESS AND THE FALLEN ANGEL and the wording of the video promises to accelerate the limits of the heart, could this be a novel whose plot revolves around a romantic situation?


Another thing that draws attention is the temporary cover of the story, presented in a book already laid out. You can see the blue petals that surround the question mark, making another allegation to the rose, which had a great role in her last trilogy, however this time it is no longer red or white. It is blue, a color that in addition to nobility can also be associated with stability, immutability, reason and immortality. In terms of justice, blue is the ideal color, however, we can see in the title and also on the cover a gradient, from the blue, at the base, that evolves towards red. A color closely associated with passion, feelings and immense energy. Once again it leads us to think about love.


Is the author wanting to say that there will be an evolution from the stability, the immutability of justice towards passion? Or will it be a confrontation between these two elements, perhaps the stability of reason against the chaos of passion? If we were to orient ourselves through the thick fog at the base of the video.

As a final element to appreciate is the neon. Everything except for the fog and the cover are rendered in neon tones. This type of lighting is widely used in futuristic works or those set in a technological future. Therefore we could spin that it is a futuristic novel, which revolves around justice, the police and that there is a certain element that could lead to a different path, which is that of love, an element so different from reason that could cause a conflict. All this seasoned with a lot of action in which the protagonists will be presented as heroes or the plot will be so intense and difficult to carry out that they will earn the respect and admiration of the public as such.


Finally, let's move on to the intermediate tones, the pink and the purple with which the author has decided to present herself and the statements of the story. In this case, it may be an indication of her position in the story, her presence in the midst of the conflict or its evolution and how she tells it, looking at and knowing both sides.


Be that as it may, this teaser has been released and is a statement of events about the future novel that promises to stay with the hearts of the public of it.

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