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Back to the romance and fantasy. The Princess of Ice and the fallen angel: Rhapsody 2 it's here.


Back to the romance and fantasy Elena Nicoleta Busoiu is here with the continuation of The princess of Ice and the fallen angel. Rhapsody 2 (Swords of destiny) that is already in your hands. 


Yes. there is a continuation of The Princess of Ice and the Fallen Angel: Rhapsody 2 Swords of Destiny. It is the second book of the trilogy with the same name, that already conquered the hearts of its readers. Now it’s your turn. Ready?

























The new look of THE PRINCESS OF ICE AND THE FALLEN ANGEL: RHAPSODY 2 by ELENA NICOLETA BUSOIU (Image from author's gallery). 10th of July 2019 


Elena Nicoleta Busoiu, the author of the books, The princess of Ice and the fallen angel published the second part of this story in July 2019, under the name of EMA PUBLISHING SERVICES. 


The author is bringing back the story of Layla and Adrian. Two young lovers asundered by their nature but united by their feelings into this millenary battle between the good and evil.


They travel to Transylvania, Romania, in order to prepare together for the battle to revenge their past suffering, caused by their demonic adversaries, but they are closer than the young lovers ever thought. 


During the Christmas night, a series of supernatural events will led them to discover a secret room into the Bran Castle where two misteryours swords have waited for them for centuries. Charged with unsuspected power, will challenge their love and their strength. Will it be strong enough to save their souls from the cruel destiny?


THE PRINCESS OF ICE AND THE FALLEN ANGEL is a story full of passion and strong feelings in its pages. It is not just a romantic story but it is also filled with action, innocence and fantasy combined with the dynamic and mystery of its narrative, invites the reader to live it and love beyond human boundaries. 


"There is nothing more powerful and deadly than love".


Author Elena Nicoleta Busoiu states in order to summarize the essence of her trilogy, published under the name of EMA's Publishing Services together with the RHAPSODY 3 in Spanish version, available now on (


In softcover ISBN: 978-84-09-12261-5, in Hardcover: 978-84-09-12262-2 and

eBook in Google Play Books. 


There is a Spanish version of this book already available. For more information check out the author's website.  (


About the author

Elena Nicoleta Busoiu moved to Spain from her birthplace when she was 11 years old. She is currently a student at the Philosophy University in Valencia. In her spare time, Busoiu enjoys writing and spending time with her family and friends. THE PRINCESS OF ICE AND THE FALLEN ANGEL: RHAPSODY 2 is the second book in BUSOIU's series of THE PRINCESS OF ICE AND THE FALLEN ANGEL. RHAPSODY 3 is already published in Spanish Version.



For review copy or Interview requests, contact:

Elena Nicoleta Busoiu

(+34) 698 27 75 83


Contact the author:

Instagram: @busoiuelenanicoleta

Twitter: @ElenaBusoiu



YouTube: Canal de Elena Nicoleta Busoiu

LinkedIn: Elena Nicoleta Busoiu



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