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THE PRINCESS OF ICE AND THE FALLEN ANGEL already has an official trailer.

The author Elena Nicoleta Busoiu, shared on her social networks on August 20 the new trailer of her trilogy THE PRINCESSES OF ICE AND THE FALLEN ANGEL.

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Published in July 2019 the last part of this trilogy, RAPSODIA 3, and the second part of it in English, the author decided in collaboration with EMA PUBLISHING SERVICES to create a trailer to present them to the public.

With epic music and phrases like "the enemies are lying in wait" and "Hellhas arrived" the author catches the reader's attention, while is announcing the impending confrontation between angels and demons in RHAPSODY 3.But, this is not everything, Busoiu also presents to the reader one of the most romantic phrases of RHAPSODY 2; "I will fight mine. I will fight yours to not die of love but for love" pronounced by Adrian Murray, co-protagonist of this story, revealing to the reader the strength of his bond with the protagonist. He prefers to die in the battle for his beloved upon living without her.


 A story that immerses the reader into the depths of Hell and heals his wounds with the innocent caress of an angel.


THE PRINCE OF ICE AND THE FALLEN ANGEL is the story of two lovers whose stormy pasts and fates of fate led them to meet in London. Layla Bordeanu, protagonist of this story, attracted by the different and innocent beauty of Adrian uses her combative skills to save her friend Elena and the boy who turns all her thoughts into a torment. But the meeting of the two, triggers a series of supernatural apparitions and a demonic book, both will lead them to understand that the battle is their only option, nevertheless they are not like most youngteenagers. Two sides facing each other in the ancient battle between good and evil will lead them to prepare to fight. Her goal: revenge. His goal: the salvation of corrupted beings. Among unsuspected allies and crosses of swords, the secrets behind their natures will be revealed. The battle is imminent. A direct confrontation between Layla and Lucifer himself, will reveal the existence of angels and demons, all of humanity will be forced to choose a side. What side are you on?


"THE PRINCE OF ICE AND THE FALLEN ANGEL is for those readers who long to live and love beyond human limits." The author declared to this media, since her dynamic and moving narrative seduce and completely catch in their fantasy pages.


        “There is nothing more powerful and lethal than love. "


Defines the author in order to catch the essence of this trilogy, already available on Google Play Books and on her official website (


If you like this story and want to know more about it, you can visit the author's official website ( to read the reviews or directly access the "press room" section to read the different press releases in Spanish and in English.

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